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  • Cold Laser Therapy for Shoulder Pain
    Shoulder pain is one of the more common complaints that will bring patients into a chiropractor’s office. Many of these patients have already tried home remedies, physical therapy, and massage Read more
  • Arthritis and Your Neck
    When we say the word "arthritis," many images pop up in our heads. Some people think of crippled hands or perhaps Mr. Smith who talks about his bad hip being, Read more
  • Leg Length Inequality: An Overlooked Cause of Back Pain
    Anatomical leg length inequality is the difference in actual bone length of one leg compared to the other. In some studies, 5 mm (3/16 of an inch) difference is considered Read more
  • Is Your Brain Shrinking?: What You Need to Know
    Many of you reading this short article already know that hemoglobin A1C is extremely useful revealing what the "average" blood sugar has been over the previous ninety days.  This is the Read more
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
    Did you know the very first Chiropractic adjustment wasn’t for back pain? Here’s how it all started as told by our founder Dr. D.D. Palmer… “Harvey Lillard, a janitor, in the Read more
  • Finding an Exercise Program That Works for You
    Exercise does a body good, and it is vital to maintaining our health. No matter how well we eat or how many vitamins we take, our bodies need to get Read more
  • Cold Laser Therapy: What Is It and Can It Work For Me?
    Cold laser therapy, sometimes called low-level laser therapy (LLLT),  is a laser therapy that uses low levels of light to stimulate healing. Unlike surgical or aesthetic lasers, it does not Read more
  • Chemical Triggers Breast Cancer
    A study reveals that chemicals found in cleaning materials, textiles, plastics, paper and some personal-care products can trigger breast cancer. According to the senior author of the study, William Baldwin, an Read more
  • Which Drop Did It?
                 A Titration test analyzes how many drops of chemical it takes to create a specific reaction – usually a change in solution color. Drop Read more
  • Combining Probiotics with Prebiotics Makes Synergistic Sense
    Synergy—the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously.” —Mark Twain Combining probiotics with prebiotics is the perfect example of the harmony that Twain refers to in this quote. The combination Read more

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