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Neck Pain Treatments

Experience effective neck pain treatment in Northfield, NJ, provided by Dr. Joseph Gitto of Advanced Chiropractic & Functional Nutrition.

Why Are You Experiencing Neck Pain?

Neck pain is far from a rare condition. It may affect older individuals more, but even young people are susceptible to that symptom. You may also experience a bout of chronic neck pain whether you get plenty of exercise or lead a more sedentary lifestyle.

It’s not hard to grasp why neck pain is such a ubiquitous problem once you understand its common causes.

For example, neck pain can be symptomatic of wear and tear issues affecting that part of your body. Both the bones in your neck and your spinal discs can suffer from the type of wear and tear that eventually leads to chronic pain.

You may also start experiencing neck discomfort following a traumatic event. The traumatic event could be a car accident that causes a whiplash injury or a nasty fall that directly affects your neck. In either case, the resulting neck pain can hang around for a while.

Bad habits can also explain why your neck hurts all the time. Sleeping in a way that puts excessive pressure on your neck can lead to the onset of lingering pain. Consistently exhibiting poor posture whenever you’re at work is another factor that could explain why you are experiencing neck pain. Examples of poor posture include slouching or hunching over your smartphone.

Note that there are factors that can heighten your risk for neck pain. Those risk factors include being overweight, having a smoking habit, and your age.

Taking immediate action can alleviate your neck pain. Work with Dr. Gitto of Advanced Chiropractic & Functional Nutrition and determine the type of neck pain treatment you need in Northfield, NJ.

How Will a Chiropractor Treat Your Neck Pain?

Chiropractors are experts at treating neck pain. For musculoskeletal causes of neck discomfort, you can count on your chiropractor to do something about it.

Spinal adjustments work remarkably well on neck pain. They are ideal for alleviating neck discomfort related to injuries. Those adjustments can also offer relief if your neck pain is caused in part by degeneration. By adjusting the bones and soft tissues around your neck, your chiropractor can effectively alleviate the stress responsible for your discomfort.

Therapeutic exercise is another helpful treatment method that helps your soft-tissue neck injuries heal. Losing weight by regularly exercising should make you less susceptible to neck pain.

Call 609-484-9300 and book a neck pain treatment session in Northfield, NJ, with Dr. Gitto of Advanced Chiropractic & Functional Nutrition.

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