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For 4 months, pain in my shoulder, upper arms, and neck prevented me from living to my fullest; it was difficult to even open bottles or exercise. I struggled for pain relief with rubs, different gels, and ice. Through my chiropractic care at Gitto Advanced Chiropractic, I am finding my pain level is beginning to decrease for the first time!

-Joanne Y.

Neck and back pain, along with weakness in my hands, was forcing me to work through my pain as I searched for relief through massage, stretching, and exercise. For a long time I was unable to find any sort of rest from my pain. The results of my chiropractic care with Dr. Gitto have brought me relief from both pain and tightness in my hands and neck, and I am noticing I sleep better than ever.

-Walt S. Carpenter

My bad knees and hip troubled me for nearly 20 years, I wasn’t able to stand upright, walk well, or turn my head. Nothing I tried eased any of my pain, until I tried chiropractic. I now have more flexibility in my body, and my pain has decreased. I am always sure to recommend Dr. Gitto to friends and family whenever possible!

-Michael B. Mayor, Retired Firefighter

For 3 months, I struggled with upper and lower back pain, particularly when swinging the bat while playing softball. I was also in pain when I had to sit long periods in class. Through visiting Gitto Advanced Chiropractic, my back no longer hurts while playing softball and I can sit in class and no longer be in pain!

-Josephine L. High school softball player

For 30 years prior to the start of my chiropractic care, I suffered from pain in my neck, shoulder, and lower back. A fall several years ago continued to exacerbate my ailments and stretching and heat pads were not effective in helping. If I sat for too long in the car or a chair, I began to feel pain. Dr. Gitto helped me so much, after coming to him I started to heal in my back and neck – It was a miracle how he helped me. Now, I feel better all-around getting my adjustments. My husband and kids come as well, and Dr. Gitto has helped them so much!

-Kathy M. Domestic Engineer

For several years I experienced ongoing headaches and pain in my shoulders and hips. Aspirin did not relieve my pain and it was beginning to interfere with my daily living and workouts. I started seeing Dr. Gitto, and now I feel great after every adjustment! My headaches are less frequent and intense, and I have noticed chiropractic helping to ease my gut issues as well.

-Dana S. School Teacher

For 3 years, I struggled with lower back pain and sciatica. Exercise, gels, and ice did not help and I was unable to walk, work, or ride my bike. With the help of Dr. Gitto, I am now experiencing fewer episodes of back pain, and less sciatica pain, and fewer headaches!

-Rosa A. Social Worker

Low back pain, migraines, and shoulder problems were forcing me to push myself through large amounts of pain in order to continue my daily activities, and exercise and Excedrin did not help me to the degree I needed. Through chiropractic care with Dr. Gitto, I am now finding myself with very little back pain, hardly any migraines, and no shoulder pain.

-Carmella F. Retired Secretary

Pain in my shoulders and back, along with a loss of flexion in my neck, plagued me for 5 years before beginning chiropractic treatments. I wasn’t able to stretch, and frequently experienced headaches and TMJ. With my chiropractic care through Dr. Gitto, I am now in less pain, experience less headaches, and even find relief from my allergies. I feel more “in tune” with my body than ever before!

-Lisa I. Attorney

Immobility in my hip, along with a meniscus tear and neck pain, were my primary reasons for seeking chiropractic care. Other methods such as medication, yoga, and even surgery were not bringing me the results I needed to live to my fullest. My walking and movement was limited, and my work and daily activities were inhibited. With Dr. Gitto’s help, chiropractic has brought me back to 100% functional. I even experience improved immune system and better digestion. I recommend Dr. Gitto to friends all the time!

-Jodi M. Social Worker

Lower back and shoulder pain made it near impossible for me to bend over, or lift anything, for 6 years. I tried endless rubs and gels, heat and ice, and different exercises. After beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Gitto, I find myself with not only less back pain, but fewer headaches and sinus issues as well.

-Martina T.  Accountant

Back aches, sciatica, and tightness in my hips were making it nearly impossible for me to stand for extended periods without pain. After two years of ibuprofen, I decided to give chiropractic a try with Dr. Gitto. The results were wonderful; I am able to stand without pain! I find that through chiropractic, I am more aware of what’s happening in my body, and I am then able to make adjustments in my lifestyle.

-Valinda N.  Upholsterer

My low back pain and neck pain were becoming unbearable before I started my care at Gitto Advanced Chiropractic. Exercising and stretching were not alleviating my pain, and ultimately I wasn’t able to sleep on my right side. But with Dr. Gitto’s help, my pain has begun to subside! I have less pain in all my joints, neck, and back. I highly recommend everyone to give Dr. Gitto a call!

-Stephen B. Teacher

Before my first visit to see Dr. Gitto, I was hardly able to walk at a normal pace due to my back pain. Chiropractic adjustments have changed my life, as I am now able to walk with less discomfort and better mobility. He has consistently helped members of my family and those I recommend.

-Wendy F. Tech analyst

Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed as needing back surgery, with plates and screws, due to numbness in my left arm and back pain. Tylenol, ibuprofen, heat, ice, and pain medication everyday were not helping me, as I was still having trouble with lifting anything heavy, driving, or getting enough sleep. I reached out to Gitto Advanced Chiropractic, and could not have been more pleased with my results. I am no longer in pain, no longer taking medications, and never needed surgery! I believe my health has continued to improve in other ways as well, as I no longer get colds or have needed to take medication for my diabetes. Since my start with Dr. Gitto, my son has also begun treatment for his scoliosis and is seeing great results!

-April C. Preschool Supervisor

My low back and neck pain troubled me for 5 years, along with my knees and legs more recently. I found it difficult to turn my head while driving, walk longer distances, or move from standing to a sitting position. Painkillers and trying to stretch my neck did not offer relief. The greatest ease to my pain was visiting Gitto Advanced Chiropractic, as I have now found myself more energized, have more movement in my neck, and less back pain!

-Linda S. Retired

I was unable to work pain-free for several years prior to the start of my chiropractic care at Gitto Advanced Chiropractic. My elbow and wrist pain from carpal tunnel, along with stress and back pain, were beginning to take their toll on my life. I felt the results of my chiropractic adjustments shortly after my first visits, and experienced not only physical relief but mental clarity as well. I now recommend Dr. Gitto to everyone I know!

-Chris H. Accountant

I suffered from migraines, neck pain, and back pain for two years, and was unable to participate in any of my normal daily activities because of them. With Dr. Gitto’s help, all of my ailments are improving! I am also experiencing more energy and less brain fog after my adjustments. Not only have I had a positive change in my health by incorporating chiropractic care, but my family has as well.

-Lina M. Café Owner

My neck pain, low back pain, and headaches troubled me for six years prior to the start of my chiropractic care. Tylenol and hot compresses did not offer any relief. However, with the start of my care with Dr. Gitto, I have found myself living with less pain, more mobility, and more energy! I highly recommend Dr. Gitto to all, as not only myself but my whole family have had good results.

- Chaneé G. College Student

Low back pain, hip pain, neck pain, and stiffness plagued me for over 15 years before the start of my chiropractic care. The stretching and methods I was trying prior to the start of my care are no match to the pain relief and increased ease of movement I now feel after an adjustment. Thanks to Dr. Gitto, I can now take longer walks and have become more health conscious overall!

- Patricia M. Retired Nurse

Back pain and neck pain from my slipped discs troubled me for 10 years, and would not go away with stretching or medication, before I started chiropractic care with Dr. Gitto. From that first adjustment, I have experienced so much less pain and discomfort! Dr. Gitto also helps me with my carpal tunnel syndrome from typing and texting. I highly recommend his services to all!

- Dina F. Preschool Assistant

My headaches and lower back ache pained me for five years before the beginning of my chiropractic care. By bringing chiropractic into my life, I now experience less headaches and an ease to my back pain. Along with this, I have found myself to have a clearer mind and more energy!

- Savannah G. High School Student, Dancer

Prior to beginning chiropractic care, I experienced pain and tightness in my back and neck. For 3 years, I exercised and stretched the areas but was still having problems bending my back. After a few adjustments this pain and tightness was gone, and my overall health physically and emotionally has improved! I would highly recommend Dr. Gitto to friends and family!

- Anthony L. Police officer

Before the start to my chiropractic care, I frequently experienced tension headaches almost every day for several years. I wasn’t able to read for long periods of time, enjoy walks, or concentrate on my work projects without interruptions. It totally messed up my life. Following the start of my chiropractic care, however, I am now able to focus on my work, household chores, and health. Along with these, I’ve found myself sleeping better and being able to relax more throughout the day. My life is changed thanks to Gitto Advanced Chiropractic.

- L.R. Private secretary

In the past year, I’ve felt increasing stiffness in my neck and low back that would not be alleviated through exercise or stretching. My chiropractic adjustments help me to maintain flexibility and my overall health, and not only have I experienced improvement to my health through chiropractic, but my family has as well!

- Linda O. Retired, pickle ball advocate

For several months, I tried using a combination of methods to relieve my sciatica, neck, and shoulder pain. Exercise, Tylenol, different gels, and icing were not able to alleviate my pain. But through my chiropractic care at Gitto Advanced Chiropractic I have found myself able to walk farther and bend without pain. My chiropractic adjustments have helped with all of my symptoms, and I always feel much better after. I tell everyone about these remarkable results!

- Tracy C. Advertising specialist

My low back, neck, and wrists pained me for 5 years before I started my chiropractic care. Pain medication was not alleviating my pain, and I was not able to exercise and meet my goals. With chiropractic care, I now find myself having less back pain, fewer headaches, and better sleep! I was recommended visiting Dr. Gitto from a friend, and now I pass that recommendation on to you all!

- Maria A. Chef, student.

I have had neck and shoulder pain since I was a teenager. Tylenol and Motrin were not working, and headaches were beginning to interfere with enjoying daily activities. Now, my neck pain is non-existent when I visit Dr. Gitto! My neck pain and headaches feel so greatly improved with chiropractic; now all 3 of my kids get adjusted and are much healthier!

- Rebecca G. Preschool administrator

Pain and stiffness in my lower back has persisted in my lower back for years, even putting shoes on was becoming impossible. Through visiting Gitto Advanced Chiropractic, I find myself with less pain and much greater flexibility.

- Matt D. Retired firefighter.

I have suffered from chronic headaches, back spasms, and lockjaw for 11 years before I met Dr. Gitto. I searched for a way to relieve my pain (you name it…I’ve tried it), but chiropractic care has far and away been the best decision for me health. I feel 100x improved, have little to no headaches and spasms, and sleep better! Dr. Gitto is a miracle worker.

- Andrew G. Counselor

My headaches, lower back, and feet pained me relentlessly before the start to my chiropractic care. Icing and painkillers were not giving me the relief I needed to work, so I sought out care from Gitto Advanced Chiropractic at the recommendation of a family member. My feet and headaches no longer pain me, and my lower back is no longer an issue that plagues my quality of life.

- Sean J.  Retail sales

I struggled with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and tarsal tunnel for a year following an injury. Ice, physical therapy, and cortisone shots were not nearly as effective as visiting Dr. Gitto. After my injury I was unable to walk, stand, exercise, or do household chores without significant pain. The results of my chiropractic care have allowed me to go to the gym, take care of the house, sleep better, and have more energy! I have also found significant relief from headaches and allergies. I highly recommended Gitto Advanced Chiropractic to all!

- Charlene S. Domestic emergency support, athlete

For 6 months, I suffered from my tightening lower back, painful knots in my neck and shoulders, tingling in my hands. Walking and sitting were painful, and most everyday activities were uncomfortable at best. With chiropractic care, I find my stride is returning, my lower back is not as tight, and the tingling has left my hands. I am experiencing better sleep, a better memory, and can return to exercising. I always recommend Dr. Gitto to friends and family, and now I recommend him to you as well.

- Ed S.  Police officer

My knee pain and sciatica persisted for 2 years. I was unable to walk any distance without pain, and a combination of stretching and massage was not relieving my pain. After beginning my chiropractic care with Dr. Gitto, I have no more knee or sciatica pain! I have also noticed I have fewer headaches, sinus issues, and neck pain, even though these are not the main reasons for my adjustments. Several of my family members are under the care of Dr. Gitto, and I highly recommend him to you and your family.

- S.W.  Accountant

After just 3 visits with Dr. Gitto, I began to feel improvement in the neck, back, and hip pain that had pained me for 5 years. Even with pain medicine and ice, I wasn’t able to walk or sit for long periods, or exercise. However, since my adjustments started, I have had unbelievable results. I can walk much longer without pain and have greater movement in my neck. I cannot recommend Gitto Advanced Chiropractic enough!

- Lori R. Secretary

Low back pain, dizziness, and stiffness in my neck were stopping me from exercising and lifting. I tried using ice, heat, and stretches to relieve the pain, but it persisted until I scheduled my first visit at Gitto Advanced Chiropractic. With Dr. Gitto, I have found that not only am I experiencing less pain, but my posture has improved and I feel better overall!

- Thomas R.  High school football player

My low back pain and right leg had been giving me pain while walking before I started seeing Dr. Gitto. Six years later, I have no pain in my lower back and am so pleased with the progress I’ve made since my first visit to Gitto Advanced Chiropractic.

- Byron G.  Golfer, retired salesperson

If I could give him a BILLION stars I would. I’m not going to bore you with my life changing testimony involving Dr Gitto but I’ll share this NO SURGERY. If you’re reading this just make an appointment bottom line.

Kenyada C.

Dr. Gitto is an excellent chiropractor! His adjustments make me feel great and keep me energized and well.

- Gianni G.

Dr. Gitto is great! He is very compassionate and really works for the good of his patients.

- Patsy S.

Highly recommend!!

- Timothy K.

I love coming to Dr. Joe! He makes my back feel so much better and helps me play field hockey to the highest potential!

- Shannon D.

Dr. Gitto is amazing! He not only keeps me out of back pain and keeps my spine healthy...but he also uses his functional medicine expertise to keep my body healthy. I recommend Dr. Gitto to my friends and family and they thrive under his care as well. His extraordinary practice...offering TOTAL BODY WELLNESS...is unique to our area and helps make life better for all. Thank you, Dr. Gitto for your care and commitment to better health.

- Mary B.

Dr. Gitto is an incredible Doctor/Chiropractor. He has helped my sciatica, neck and lower back problems. I am a Florida resident and visit Dr. GItto 2-3 times per year when I am in New Jersey. After each appointment and adjustment, there is tremendous improvement for a long period of time. He is a caring, progressive and highly experienced. He will get to the bottom of whatever issue you are facing! I highly, highly recommend Dr. Gitto. He will help you in your healing process as he has helped and blessed me!

- Deborah T.

Before visiting Gitto I was experiencing a lot of back pain and taking a lot of painkillers for it. Now after getting adjustments, I don't dread going to work as much. There is still a long way to go for my back pain but I'll get there eventually.

Tony S.

I am an ex football player that suffered trama and injury to my lower back from extensive physical contact years ago. This kept me from participating in many of the activities I enjoyed. Dr. Gitto properly diagnosed my injury through reviewing x-rays and examination. By receiving the proper adjustments on a regular basis from Dr. Gitto I am now able to enjoy physical activities as well as live virtually pain free.

Darryl B.

Years ago I struggled with persistent neck / back pain and constant headaches. I went to a couple of chiropractors for about 20 years. The chiropractic helped, but I still struggled with off / on pain most of the time. About 8 years ago I started getting pain and numbness in my right elbow and hand from the issues with my neck. In addition I had lower back pain that limited my activities. I was getting ready to make an appointment with a surgeon and a friend of mine recommended Dr. Gitto. Dr. Gitto did an evaluation and started treatments. Within 4 or 5 visits the numbness was resolved and my headaches started to subside. Within a couple of months I was pain free... I have been receiving corrective adjustments from Dr. Gitto and I must say it made a huge difference in my life. I went from daily back pain and headaches to being pain free most of the time.

Joseph L.

I am a professional surfer, so my body is twisting and turning in unnatural ways when it comes to doing maneuvers and wiping out. There have been numerous times when I come in to see Dr. Gitto and I can barely turn my neck or twist my back, but after he adjusts me, I have that range of motion back and I feel like a million bucks. Dr. Gitto is such an amazing person who puts up with me as I am continually coming into his office with something almost always out of place due to surfing. He has also seen me outside of his office hours on numerous occasions as he has his own chiropractor table set up at his house. Thank you for everything Dr. Gitto!

Cassidy M.

My experience with Dr. Gitto started eleven years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. My L3/L4 vertebrae became inflamed as my pregnancy progressed. With wisdom from prayer and the help of Dr Gitto, my chiropractic care took about 3 months to complete. Ten years later, the inflammation returned and Dr. Gitto suggested a different approach the second time around. Ten weeks later, my L3/L4 vertebrae is healing nicely. I thank God for the wisdom He provides and the care Dr. Gitto supplies.

Rachael P.

I have been going to Dr. Gitto for about 4 months and I have to say he is one of those doctors that really take interest in finding what the problem is and a solution, whether its thru him or with another doctor. I would definitely recommend anyone with back/neck pain to make and appointment with Dr. Gitto. I showed up to his office with back and hip pain after seeing orthopedics doctors which said there was nothing I could do besides take pills and go thru physically therapy. Dr. Gitto sat down with me and went thru my x-rays and came up with a plan to hopefully fix my hip and back pain. Thru this whole process of having up and downs with pain Dr. Gitto informed me that if I ever needed anything to just call. He is the Dr that went the extra mile and had MRIs done to find out more about the pain. I am greatful for finding Dr. Gitto and plan to continue going to him after the pain is gone since he has taught me about the importance of chiropractic care and subluxations. It made total sense that the spine and nerves control your body functions. We all need to keep our bodies optimized and not have subluxations so that our body can work as intended. In closing I have to say Dr. Gitto is one of those doctors you find every once in a while. I believe he truly cares about the health of his patients. He takes the time to get to know you and is there for any questions. I would recommend him to anyone who has neck/back pain or if you are curious about chiropractic care.

Art I

I came to Dr. Gitto after a severe herniated disc in June of 2006. I was in extreme pain and was walking bent over at 45 degrees. His adjustments and excercise instructions got me back to normal and much quicker than if I had continued with an orthopedic sugeon. Since then I have continued with maintenance adjustments which have prevented any more disc herniations and generally provided subtle but noticeable health improvements. While visiting his office every several weeks, I always observe that there is minimal waiting time to see him, the staff is friendly and know you by name, and they track and measure your improvement and range of motion. I've never had any difficulty with my adjustments or spinal corrections. Dr. Gitto is personable, cares about his patients and conveys holistic health information. That explains the variety of patients that come thru his door. From small children, families, athletes, and the elderly, he affords professional and healthy chiropractic care to everyone!

Robert R.

Very gentle adjustments with great results!

Barbara D.

Great chiropractor

Raymond G.

Great doctor. Individualized treatment plan. Helped relieve terrible chronic migraines.

Iulia Y.

I had severe left wrist pain no other doctor could help. Other physicians said I would have to have surgery or live with it. I could move my hand or use it. Brushing my hair and using the blow was impossible. When I went to doctor Gitto he did a specific examination that detected the cause of my problem. Within two weeks the pain was 80% improved and I can perform any task. My neck pain and a bump I had in the top of my shoulders is gone.

I thank God for being healed and recommend Dr Gitto.

Mara R.

I've been a patient of Dr. Gitto for many years. The most important thing that I could say as a recommendation is that he is trust worthy, knowledgeable and a great Chiropractor! Dr. Gitto not only fixes the problem, but explains what's going on and how to prevent it. Highly recommended Chiropractor. Five Stars!

Bill J.

Dr. Gitto’s care has helped me with my overall physical, nutritional and mental health. I was experiencing lower back pain, like shooting electricity type pain. From the first day of treatment to present, his care has been exceptional. Eliminating the pain, and the maintenance program is of course the main issue that has been corrected and maintained. In addition his friendly bedside or should I say his table side manner is very encouraging and will keep you coming back. He has not only fixed my lower back issue, but has educated me in nutritional and overall physical health. Giving me exercises and advice and direction, including the addition of supplements, which has improved my overall health. Thank you Dr. Joe.

I would recommend Dr. Gitto to all.

Matthew D.

I am pain free and getting better every day thanks to Dr. Gitto's care. For several years I suffered from a swollen and painful ankle, due to a sprained ligament. My main exercise is walking long distances, but it had become very painful. Besides adjustments, Dr. Gitto also prescribed custom orthotics which are now giving me the support I need to continue my walking. The care of good doctor brings peace of mind. Placing your health and well being in the hands of a doctor that your trust is essential. Thanks Dr. Gitto for taking such good care of me. Blessings for your healing hands and for your compassion.

 Heliana D

Silly me. My job seemed to make it inconvenient to continue my chiropractic care and I stopped going for years. After I was rear-ended in a car accident, I returned to the skilled hands of Dr. Gitto. It has taken awhile, but I am beginning to feel the benefits of regular adjustments and the specialized care I needed after the accident. Dr. Gitto has helped me get through this ordeal without the use of drugs.

The care he gives reflects his true belief in Chiropractic and the lifelong benefits it provides. For anyone who is looking to gain the benefits of Chiropractic care, I would highly recommend Dr. Gitto.

Thank you, Dr. Gitto.

Betty G.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Gitto for 8 months now and am thankful for the improved condition of my back aches and pains. I was in severe pain when I first came in and now I only come in 1 x per week just to keep me in good shape. He is amazing with emergency appointments and accommodating last minute needs which is helpful because you never really plan to mess up your neck or back. I would recommend anyone who suffers from back or neck pain, sciatica or even sits for long hours at a desk to come in and get adjusted.

- Kristin L.

Thanks Dr Gitto for all you have done for Sharon and me to help our bodies and Backs. You also helped us to eat the right things. Visit him for the Chiropractor opportunity Week.

Phil W.

Dr. Gitto has been my "go to guy" for many years. He has kept me moving even when my body told me I couldn't. Staff is friendly and caring. Highly recommend.

Lynda A.

I have been a patient of Dr. Gitto's for 10 plus years. I can truly say that I feel 99 times better than I had before I started going to see him. I had very bad sciatica pain for years and it hurt to sit for long periods of time. He has made it possible for me to be well again. While I have been seeing him I have had multiple surgeries on elbows, knees, and ankles and he has seen me thought the healing with all of these. Whether it be an adjustment or laser treatment to help with the healing from the inside out, he truly knows what he is doing to help others get the full benefits of adjustments. He has sometimes gone above and beyond the call, when I was so out of whack that he adjusted me in the back of my truck in the parking lot one day when he forgot his office keys. He really cares about how his patients feel and wants them to get their bodies moving again without pain. Thank you Dr. Gitto for all your help

Barbara C.

I play tennis 3-4 times a week. About a month ago I started getting heel pain in my right foot. The pain became so unbearable. I took Motrin, Aleve and tried icing my heel but nothing worked. I had to stop playing tennis and even walking gave me pain. I saw Dr. Gitto and he started helping the heel pain by Chiropractic adjustments to my feet and back. He found that I had one leg longer than the other and helped balance them. He used cold laser and gave me specific exercises that helped too.

Thank you very much Dr. Gitto

Shayzer L.

I came to Dr. Gitto with intense pain in my low back & butt. Within less than a week I was pain free and have been ever since. I highly recommend him.

Carmella F.

Great Chiropractor! Positive and friendly staff!!

Christine G.

When I was in pain, Dr. Gitto helped me more than the pain specialists.

Florence W.

I have been going to this Dr and can't say enough as to how my life has changed for the better!!

My was back broken & had to receive an L3 fusion 30 yrs ago I get extremely bad pain & have arthritis and degeneration in my bones from age deterioration. I have had jobs where I was standing, walking, bending and lifting for 34 years .. Dr Joe Gitto helps me by the professional experienced and educated Dr he is with adjustments for my subluxations , suggesting methods for healthier diets, nutritional workshops and establishing a plan to strengthen my body for a comfortable way of life without pain and stress each day.. I hope sharing my great experience and recommendation will encourage everyone to live your life to the fullest by taking care of the one body we're given in a heathy happy holistic way ! Thank you Dr Joe Gitto you’re a Godsend I feel blessed and I trust you with my well being for a healthy future.

Jeanne D.

Dr GITTO has helped not only get me out of pain but I have so much more mobility, I can now lay on my back without pain and more energy. I use to be so fatigued.

He has helped me increase my knowledge of how to live a more active healthy lifestyle.

-Shelly N.

I have to thank Dr.Gitto. I had a crippling headache. After two doctor's visits, emergency room, MRI, CTscan, with no relief. I went to Dr Gitto. He diagnosed me almost immediately with a pinched nerve in my neck. He treated me and in a short time complete relief. I know now where to go first. Thanks again Dr. Gitto.

Robert S.

Many thanks to Dr Gitto for the health and well-being of my entire family! I started chiropractic care to improve my posture (i sit in front of a computer all day for work!). but learned so much more about the benefits of chiropractic care!!! I used to feel tired all the time and get sick with respiratory type of infections very often especially in winter months. Now i feel energetic and don't even remember last time i was sick! Every time i feel i might be coming down with something, i just come in for an adjustment. Regular visits to Dr Gitto and regular physical activity changed my life! Thanks Dr Gitto! I will see you next week!

Dr Gitto also helps my husband with his sciatica pain and occasional work/life injuries to his shoulders (he is a carpenter and he kitesurfs!). My mom had issues with her back (in a lot of pain!) all her life and recently a carpal tunnel problem. Dr. Gitto was of tremendous help for these issues and her overall well-being! My father visited us for 2 weeks and when i noticed that he is limping, he told me about a shooting pain going from his groin down his leg and he was told by a general practitioner doctor that he needs a hip replacement and there is nothing else to be done. I scheduled an appointment for him with Dr Gitto. Dr Gitto pinpointed the problem after reviewing the x-rays and first examination! The problem had nothing to do with the hip! My father felt relief from pain after the very first adjustment. and improved greatly in just 2 weeks! He continued following Dr Gitto's recommendations when he returned home and is pain free now!

i'm convinced in benefits of chiropractic care and recommend Dr Gitto!

don't wait for the symptoms to develop! come in for a checkup even if you don't feel pain in your back. a lot of problems can be prevented with proper care!

Tatiana S.

Dr Gitto is a wonderful caring dr . He has helped so much with

Me and my husband’s pain . I truly couldn't of functioned or healed without dr gitto after my two falls .

- Kathy M.

I've been going since I was a kid and I can say that I feel better and have an amazing immune system compared to others.

Rebecca S.

Dr. Gitto is amazing! He not only keeps me out of back pain and keeps my spine healthy...but he also uses his functional medicine expertise to keep my body healthy. I recommend Dr. Gitto to my friends and family and they thrive under his care as well. His extraordinary practice...offering TOTAL BODY WELLNESS...is unique to our area and helps make life better for all. Thank you, Dr. Gitto for your care and commitment to better health.

Mary B.

Had a lot of back pain from work before visiting Dr. Gitto. I took painkillers everyday for the pain. After visiting for the summer, the pain is reduced and I stopped taking painkillers. Still have a long way to go for my back but thanks to Gitto it's a lot more bearable.

Tony S.

Before Dr. Joe , I was struggling with chronic back and neck pain. Some days I would wake up so stiff and in so much pain that there were I couldn't do anything other than lay down. I went to a bunch of different doctors and none of them helped to fix the problem. Then I found Dr. Joe and immediately felt relief. Within no time my back spasms were at a minimum and now after a couple years of his chiropractic care, I rarely struggle with spasms at all.

One of the things that truly sets Dr. Joe apart from most doctors is how much he really cares. He has a passion for helping people. He spends time educating his patients to make sure they understand how the body functions, so the healing process can begin.

As a nutritionist, He has also helped me immensely with my stomach problems and adrenal issues. I'm so extremely thankful that I found him. He is helping to make my quality of life better for the present AND the future.

Last but not least, he is a really kind, wise, and friendly person. It is always a pleasant experience to get adjusted and I always feel better after leaving. Thanks Dr. Joe!!!

Nicole M.

I have been going to Dr. Joe for many years. He helped me immensely when I had herniated discs in my neck. He made sure I got the proper treatment. He also followed up with my primary care and surgeon. Dr Joe keeps my neck and back adjusted so I can continue my daily activities as a senior citizen. He also helped me recover quicker after my knee replacement with the cold laser therapy he has. I can't thank him enough for keeping up with my different issues and allowing me to continue with a healthy and active senior citizen life. He is very caring and dedicated to helping his patients feel better. Thank you Dr Joe for all you do for me

Joan A.

I use Dr. Gitto as my chiropractor. It is because of him I have been able to maintain an active lifestyle. I have had sports injuries throughout the years and each time his technique coupled with his encouraging support helped me heal quickly so I could return to full activity. In addition, Dr. Gitto has always been professional, knowledgeable, thorough, honest, supportive and compassionate surrounding any physical issues I have endured.

Thank you Dr. Gitto for all your wonderful care, support and guidance over the years, you're truly the best!

I highly recommend Dr. Gitto to anyone who is open to chiropractic care to improve their quality of life!

Jane S.

I have been going to Dr Gitto for many years. You can not find a doctor in any field that cares about their patients more than Dr Gitto. Just recently he contacted me to see how I felt after an appointment. Doesn't seem unusual you may say well it was because he was on vacation. I have never had another doctor do that. The knowledge he has about the body is incredible including nutritional support. His staff makes every effort to accommodate the patient by fitting you into the schedule. Thanks Dr Gitto for all the years of help, support and kindness to my family.

Diane J.

Dr. Gitto has aided in giving me my life back. I always had scoliosis of the spine, uneven shoulders, & frequent headaches for as long as I could remember. I've been a patient of his since August 2012 & he has transformed my spine from then until now & in between. On top of being an excellent chiropractor, he is a caring, supportive, & prayerful person. I'm so thankful I found Dr. Gitto and I'm forever grateful for everything he has done for me & my spine.

Mary I.

Dr. Joe has been my Go To guy for years; I am thankful for him and his team, who have helped me too many times to count. 10 stars.

Karen B.

"Dear Dr. Gitto,

How do I begin to thank you? I have been a long time sufferer of migraine headaches for over 7 years. My headaches first began my freshman year in college. I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. It was late at night and I was writing a paper when all of a sudden, wham, this excruciating pain began on the left side of my head. I had no idea what was happening or what it was. The pain remained constant for two weeks. In those two weeks, I had taken Tylenol, Advil but nothing seemed to be working, I finally went to my doctor and he did what any doctor would do, prescribed medication. It helped slightly but not enough to take the pain away.

After realizing that nothing was working, my doctor decided to send me to a neurologist. The neurologist sent me for examinations where I had several tests (MRI, CAT scans, blood work etc.) and still they couldn’t find anything wrong, so more medication was prescribed. Again, nothing seemed to take the pain completely away and the worst part of it all was that my body was beginning to get addicted to the medication. I did not know what to do anymore so I decided to go to the best, Jefferson University, the headache clinic. I truly believed that this was going to be the answers to my prayers. After experimenting numerous drugs until one suitable for me, much to my surprise, nothing seemed to be working. I could not understand why no one could find anything that would cure my headaches. I gave up all medications because honestly, I felt that I was contaminating my body.

Finally, after talking to several people, they all suggested seeking a chiropractor. A special thanks goes to one of your patients who really pushed the issue upon me by giving me every pamphlet and almost all of your business cards. I must say I was a bit skeptical at first, but I thought I have nothing to lose but everything to gain. I thought, ok, no drugs ( which was a big deal for me), so I called and made my first appointment to a chiropractor. I cannot begin to tell you that phone call has changed my life drastically. The answers to my prayers were finally answered.  Suffering 3 to 4 times a week with a migraine to having just one a week, if that, without medication, is a miracle to me considering I thought I would never be cured. For those people who are skeptical about chiropractors, I beg them to go and to see for themselves that their lives can and will be changed. Since I have been under your care Dr. Gitto, my daily life has changed. I am able to do things with so much energy and most importantly friends and family have noticed a major change. They don’t hear me complaining anymore of headaches. My only regret I have from all of this that I did not make chiropractic care my first choice. I hope people do not make the same mistake I have.

Thank you for all that you have done for me!!!!!

- Stacy Z.

" I have been a patient of Dr. Gitto for over twenty years. My condition includes five herniated and/or bulging discs in my neck. Dr. Gitto’s adjustments have enabled me to play some aggressive tennis three days a week and frequent the gym three other days a week. I highly recommend Dr. Gitto and would ask that you do yourself the favor of scheduling a consultation with him."

- Matthew P.

"I was in agony with pain and discomfort and after following my primary care physician's directions-seeing a "specialist" which only led to 3 different prescriptions (all at one time!). Dr Gitto returned my initial call within a day and has been steadily fixing me ever since. He ordered X-rays and then explained them to me. What a novel idea! He truly cares about his patients and their well being. And the girls working there are so friendly making the whole experience so positive. I would tell you give it a try. You need to understand how your body works and then address the problems. And to all my casino friends-research Double Crush syndrome before you have carpel tunnel release surgery! It may not be the answer!"

- Dawn F.

"Dr Gitto has helped me out a lot. I'm 15 years old and I stopped doing the thing I loved the most which was playing soccer. I couldnt play nor run and after watching my friends do something I couldn't anymore was frustrating and sad. I went Dr Gitto for help. After some exams I found out that I had a serious problem which was only going to get worse if I didn't take immediate action. Many sessions passed and I started noticing a big difference in my overall life as I could now sit, run, walk, and play soccer without pain. Thank you Doc. "

- Diego L.

"My family and I have been regular patients of Dr. Joe Gitto for approximately 18 years. He has helped us all in many respects. He has helped me with my back and neck issues and especially with my plantar fasciitis. We are greatly indebted to Dr. Joe for all these years of his caring service to us!"

- Patsy Day S.

"I have been going to Dr. Gitto since I moved from Florida almost 3 years ago. He was truly "God Sent" I haven't felt this good in years. He is not only a excellent Chiropractor but a Christian man with a wonderful personality who truly cares about his patients."

- Florence Gandy L.

"My husband is an orthopedic surgeon and he highly recommends Dr. Gitto. We have actually used him as a family, after a car accident, and we love him. We have moved to Florida and miss him!!!"

- Kathy Kinsey- E.

"Dr. Gitto helped get me running again after having plantar fasciitis!"

- Stephen H.

"For the past 10 years, I had resorted to using anti-inflammatory drugs for my constant neck, shoulder and upper back pain. After starting care with Gitto Advanced Chiropractic, the constant pain was alleviated and I noticed I had more energy. I am grateful that my family referred me to the office and I would recommend chiropractic care to other family and friends."

- Brittany G.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Gitto for changing my life. Prior to have chiropractic care, I was a “non-believer” in the benefits of treatment.

My life was changed after seeing the benefits of the adjustments and changing my lifestyle. Prior to coming to Dr. Gitto, I suffered from intense migraine headaches and often relied on medication to get through the day. I felt as though I was living my life out of a pill bottle to keep up with my busy lifestyle. I would take massive amounts of all different medications both over the counter and then adding prescription pills on top of it trying to relieve the pain. I suffered these headaches about three to four times per week and often had to postpone time with my family and activities. Although the amount of medications increased, the headaches became much worse over time and even required trips to the hospital for treatment. I often wanted to bang my head against a wall out of frustration. I also had an intense amount of neck pain compounding the problem.

Dr. Gitto took the time to explain the cause of the headaches and started treating me three times per week. He began to adjust my neck with an adjusting instrument and the headaches subsided. Today, the headaches are not completely gone, however they have gotten much less intense and not as often. I no longer require medications to control my headaches and do not require trips to the hospital for relief.

I offer many, many thanks to Dr. Gitto for offering me a new life with Chiropractic Care. I have complete respect for chiropractic treatment and a new understanding about chiropractic and my health. Dr Gitto made a difference! I want to promote Chiropractic care to all those non-believers and will continue to live my life without headaches, neck pain and subluxation-free!"

- Ginamarie R.

"I finally reached out to Gitto Advanced Chiropractic when my neck pain and headaches got so severe that I could hardly hold my head up. Slowly progressing over the last 2 years, I had sought relief through pain medications and frequent heating and icing. I felt immediate relief with my headaches and have been positively progressing ever since."

- Elaina T.

"I first came to Dr. Gitto I had severe pain in my lower back and pain in my neck that traveled into my shoulders. I also didn’t have much movement in my neck. This pain started 8 months ago and was getting worse. My pain caused me to miss a lot of work and it became impossible for me to drive my car and do the gardening. I was taking more and more pain killers so I went to my regular doctor. He did some tests and said I would have to live with it.

When I first saw Dr. Gitto he assured me that he found the cause of my problems and that he felt he could help me. He explained why I was suffering and began treatment.

Once starting Chiropractic, I began to feel myself again. My family noticed the changes and saw I was able to garden again and drive longer distances. I’m feeling much better at work. I now have my life back again thanks to Dr. Gitto.

Thank you Dr. Gitto for giving me my life back again."

- Dori T.

"The severe upper and lower back pain that I was experiencing for the past year had caused me to limit my normal everyday activities. After being introduced to Chiropractic, my sinuses had improved, I had better mobility and great relief from my back pain. Regular chiropractic adjustment has given me more energy, easy awakening in the morning, and walking is now enjoyable!"

- Pauline T.

"What made me seek Chiropractic care was I was having severe bouts of vertigo so bad I couldn’t walk without support, work or move very well without the room spinning. I also had bad neck and upper back pain. After seeing Dr. Gitto for about 5 visits, I began to walk without support and the room spinning went away. I was able to drive and return to work shortly after. My neck and upper back are pain free. It feels great to have my life back."

- Lorraine C.

"I was having difficulty with low back pain interfering with all of my normal activities for two weeks before meeting with Dr. Gitto. The Tylenol and ice was not giving me any relief. I was so grateful that after a few chiropractic adjustments, I felt wonderful with no discomfort! My family and I have all had great results with Gitto Advanced Chiropractic."

- Jenna T.

"For as long as I can remember, my chronic low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, pain and weakness in my wrists caused me to have difficulty with normal activities. I used many types of gels and rubs, heat, and Advil to try and get some pain relief. The results of my chiropractic adjustments were a great relief of symptoms and pain. I would recommend Dr. Gitto for anyone in need of Chiropractic care."

- Robert S.

"Dear Dr. Gitto and Staff:

I just wanted to take the time to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for helping me to come so very far in such a short period of time. The results I am having from my regular chiropractic adjustments are beyond my wildest dreams. I have been to several other chiropractors ever since my car accident, but I did not get the results that I am getting with your treatment. When I first met you, I told you that I often had to walk with the use of a cane, due to my hip and spinal injuries. Now, however, I have retired my cane forever. My hip no longer goes “out of place” and my spine is beginning to feel so much stronger than it has for many, many years.

I also came to you with a serious neck problem, and that traction that you are giving me is definitely helping. Other people have noticed that I walk much straighter these days.

The one surprising thing that I never expected to happen was the recovery I have made form my so-called “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” .My left arm and hand were in a constant state of numbness, and it had even been suggested to me that I have surgery performed on the hand.

However, I kept my steady visits with you, my hand is no longer numb, and the “Carpal Tunnel” has since disappeared without a trace. This was something I never counted on. I have become such a believer in Chiropractic that I cannot imagine living my life without it. I truly believe that you have a “ gift” for healing and I can never thank you enough for helping me to get back on the path to wellness.

I just wanted to let you know.

With sincerest admiration and respect."

- Margie L. , City Clerk

"For three months, before I went to see Dr. Gitto, I had bad chest pains where I couldn’t breathe deeply due to bad pain in the upper, middle and lower back and I was a mess so I had to limit myself and doing anything. As a dancer it really restricted my ability to perform. I tried exercise, Advil and other medications. After being referred to Dr Gitto by my production manager, after 4 visits to Dr. Gitto, visits I had immediate relief and now I’m on pain-free. I can work again without pain and perform doing 3 shows a night with more energy, focus and sleeping throughout the entire night. No more twisting and turning at night due to chest and back pain."

- Jennifer J., Dancer/Performer/Singer

"We moved from Shelby, North Carolina to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in August. We were not accustomed to the northern climate. Our daughter Catherine who had congenital heart defects when she was born seemed to always have a cough. I know during the winter we had to give her antibiotics after visiting the doctor. Our other two girls; Jessica and Samantha were also having problems with not being able to get over colds and ear infections. In fact, I believe we gave them antibiotics on at least three different occasions over the course of the winter. In November 1999, we moved to Somers Point, New Jersey and were still battling this cough and reoccurring sicknesses. We eventually began visiting a Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Gitto in the fall of 2000. We began to see that the children seemed to improve, especially in regards to their resistance to sicknesses. Even when they did get sick they did not stay sick for long. So far this year 2001, we have only had to have antibiotics once. We were told to give the to Catherine as a precaution since she is a heart baby. We believe it is due to the Chiropractic care we have received from Dr. Gitto that had affected our resistance to cold and viruses.

Thank you Dr. Joe,

Yours in Him,"

- Tom, Regina, and Girls

"I have been sleeping better. My arm used to fall asleep when driving, does not do that anymore. I am a crossing guard and the pain down the front of my leg at times would keep me from being able to stand on the corner working. They told me there was nothing they could do for me and I would have to live with it. After a number of visits, now the pain is gone, I can stand and work, I have more flexibility and overall better feeling and energy."

- Florence W., School Crossing Guard

"I was troubled for about one year prior to making an appointment to getting Chiropractic care because of neck pain, low back pain and sciatic pain down my right leg. It was affecting my normal activities such as bending over, sitting and walking any distance. I couldn’t care for my wife who was ill with terminal cancer. The chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Gitto, has given me an overall improvement and decrease in pain levels. I am now able to lift my wife out of bed and the wheel chair and also noticed I am sleeping more restfully, have better movement and flexibility. My daughters are also patients of Gitto Advanced Chiropractic and also see improvement with their symptoms."

- T.C., Retired Accountant

"For what seems to be my entire life, I have had pain from my neck to my tail bone from what was diagnosed as scoliosis. I went several different doctors, physical therapists and tried different rubs. It was ruining my life having to live with pain for about 36 years. Since coming to Dr. Gitto, for the first time the pain is gone. I can do normal house chores, exercise, bend, twist, doing workouts and sleep much better."

- Cheryl S., Social Worker

When I came to see Dr Gitto for chiropractic care I had bad headache low back pain and chronic fatigue for about 9 years. The fatigue would set in about 2 in the afternoon and back pain got worse as the day went on. I was living on Tylenol Advil and Aleve. Chiropractic care has help have more energy, few headaches and fewer days with back pain. I am able to enjoy my day more fully."

- Lorenzo C., Bakery Owner

"For several years after giving birth to my daughter, I had relentless pain in my low back and abdomen. The pain at times caused me to have to call out of work. I am a police officer and wearing the gun belt would aggravate the pain even more. Dr Gitto found that the problem was coming from my spine but also the scar form a C-Section was also contributing to my pain. He started adjusting my back but also used cold laser therapy on my scar. After only 7 visits I was pain free and not missing work anymore. Thank you Dr Gitto for changing my life."

- Bridget P., Police Officer

"After nine visits of Chiropractic care from Dr. Joe Gitto, I noticed the fact that I am no longer suffering from seasonal allergies. I suffered for years prior. Now, I notice that people around me sneezing, blowing their noses, and rubbing their eyes in discomfort. I only hope Chiropractic care can relieve their suffering like it did mine."

- Dan S., Hair Stylist

"Since I was 5 years old I was getting bad headaches. I missed a lot of school in the past 4 years because my headaches were so bad. Dr. Gitto traced my problem back to when I was born. He said it was because they used forceps when I was delivered and it twisted my skull, pinching a nerve in my neck which made me have the headaches. Now that I get adjusted by Dr. Gitto, it’s been months since I have had a headache."

- C.D, Elementary School Student

"The reason I started Chiropractic care with Gitto Advanced Chiropractic was because I was experiencing headaches, trapezius muscle tightness and low back discomfort. These symptoms were causing me to feel tense and achy all the time. After approximately 10-12 visits,I started to see improvements in my symptoms. I was experiencing fewer headaches, less muscle tightness and fewer cramps during menstrual cycle. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my improvements at an 10+

Thanks for your help!"

- Carol S., Nurse

"After introduced to Chiropractic, I have experienced more energy, better posture, decreased pain, improved concentration, and more flexibility."

- Ronald F., Business Owner

"After years of resorting to Ibuprofen, ice packs, heating pads and stretching for the stiffness and pain in my neck and lower back, I found Gitto Advanced Chiropractic. The pain and stiffness limited my ability to perform many normal activities. After my time with Dr Gitto, I found improvement in the stiffness and pain, better mobility, and relief from weather related aches and stiffness. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Gitto to my friends, family and co-workers."

- Patricia N.

"I have more energy and my days are brighter and more positive! I also reach a deeper more restful sleep pattern."

- Charles K., Police Officer

"About 5 or 6 years ago, prior to beginning Chiropractic care, I was experiencing headaches, neck soreness and frequent and severe mid-back pain. The spasms would force me to have to lay flat and still on my back for periods of time. Since receiving regular corrective care adjustments, I have had a decrease in pain and headaches, the spasms have become very infrequent, less colds and greater flexibility in general."

- Kappy H., Counselor

"I am pleased to say that since starting Chiropractic, I no longer need to take 2 Advil daily for my headaches. I am experiencing more mobility in my neck and more energy!"

- Jennifer H., Office Worker

"Before I started getting adjustments, I used to get three to four sinus infections a year. I would also get acid reflux and had to take medications for it on a regular basis. After regular maintenance I have not had a sinus infection in over two years and my GERD is gone."

- Greg D., Service Pro Owner

"I had back surgery 13 years ago due to a herniated disc in my low back. I also had drop foot and weakness in my right leg. I really never got rid of all the back pain and my foot remained weak after the surgery. The neurosurgeons said the foot drop was from the nerve being damaged and I would have to live with it. You can’t repair the nerve. I heard a lot of good things about Dr Gitto so I made an appointment to see him. After carefully examining me and some testing, he set me up on chiropractic adjustment schedule which included low back adjustments, traction and cold laser to help the nerve damage. After a month I had significant pain reduction and about 75% of my leg and foot strength back. After 3 months I had about 90% strength and was walking almost normal. I can’t thank him enough for all you’ve done to bring back my life."

- Patricia H., Counselor

"After searching the internet for a chiropractor, I found Gitto Advanced Chiropractic. I was experiencing neck and low pain which was affecting my sleep and ability to lift heavy objects. My life has improved because of the ability to manage my pain with adjustments to live normally. I have had great results with improvement in pain levels and improved movement in my neck and back! I am now able to complete normal activities with ease!"

- Karla C., Teacher

"I was referred to Dr. Gitto through a friend after a few months of pain and stiffness on my left side. The sciatic pain was so severe I was having difficulty moving. After consistent adjustments for about 2 years, I am walking with ease, feeling more balanced, moving more fluidly and have lost a few pounds due to increased levels of activity. I have also noticed that I am sleeping better, I have more energy and flexibility and less overall pain!"

- Dolores P., Educational Administrator

"My husband and I have four-year-old triplets. We have been coming to “ Dr. Joe” for approximately 1-½ years. My one daughter was having chronic ear infections. Before we began seeing Dr. Joe, she had her tonsils removed and tubes put in her ears. However, she was still having some problems with her ears. All of the children would get frequent colds throughout the year (which seemed like they were always sick when you multiply it by 3!). My daughter would get very sick in the fall, one son would spike fevers of 104 degrees easily, and believe it or not, our other son, would get a very occasional Migraine! We were at the pediatrician constantly! I felt like there was a revolving door between our home, the pediatrician’s office, and the drug store. It was really bothering my husband and I that we kept having to give our children antibiotics (you know, when you open the refrigerator and the first thing you see is that familiar bottle of pink medicine!)

We can honestly say, that the children have been MUCH healthier since receiving regular chiropractic care. I cannot remember when the children were last on antibiotics. Our children’s ear infections have disappeared all together and our son has not had a fever in I can’t remember how long. None of the children have been sick in probably a year or better! Our one son hasn’t had one migraine since seeing Dr. Joe. The children love being adjusted, and to tell the truth, learned their right from their left playing “ chiropractor”. It is kind of nice to have the children argue over who is going to be adjusted first! Now THAT’S something you don’t hear when you see the pediatrician!

Thanks so much Dr. Joe!"

- The Happy Parents

"Prior to my chiropractic care with Dr. Gitto, I was experiencing severe arthritis, sciatica and continuous spinal pain. I would struggle to get out of bed in the morning; the sciatic pain would last sometimes up to 6-8 months and experienced many different aches and pains. Since receiving corrective care adjustments, I work out at the gym 4 times a week, can do a 1 minute plank at age 85, moving very well and have freedom from years of constant pain!"

- Geraldine W., Retired

"For several years before chiropractic care, the stiffness and pain in my neck and low pack was affecting my normal activities. I am now experiencing much less pain, better movement and flexibility, faster healing and better sleep. Walking and golfing are activities I can now participate in thanks to Dr. Gitto."

- Ed S., Pastor

"The reason I started Chiropractic was because I was having difficulty bending over to pick up my children. I was also experiencing neck and back pain and frequent headaches which caused me to resort to using Tylenol. From my first visit with Dr. Gitto, I felt a difference andI have felt better each visit after that. I am less stressed, more flexible, I have less pain and no headaches since starting with Dr. Gitto!"

- Anita G., Personal Trainer

"As a kindergarten and 1st grade teacher for two years, I have noticed my better health. All around since I’ve been coming to Dr. Gitto I have no had so much as a cold this past year!"

- Vicki P., Teacher

"About two years ago, I started getting really bad headaches that stopped me from doing my normal activities.I had difficulty reading, watching television and taking naps until I started with my chiropractic adjustments. The adjustments relieved the pain and stiffness in my head and neck and improved my flexibility."

- Tamari R., Health Food Store Owner

"The severe numbness in my arms and hands were what brought me into the office to see Dr. Gitto. I was experiencing the numbness for about three months prior to coming in. At times, the numbness was so severe that I could not go into work. After consistent adjustments with Dr. Gitto, my arms and hands were no longer getting numb. I was very pleased with the improvement."

- Tony C., Contractor

"I first came into Dr. Gitto’s office for many reasons; I was experiencing allergies, clogged ears, TMJ and neck and shoulder pain. I was always feeling tired, stiff and achy due to all of my symptoms. Over the past two years of chiropractic care with Dr. Gitto I was pleasantly surprised to notice that my eyes were improving and also the TMJ and allergy symptoms were improving as well. Overall, I was feeling much better!"

- Pamela B., Teacher

"For six weeks coming in to see Dr. Gitto, I could hardly walk or get out of a sitting position without assistance. The pain and discomfort caused me difficulty with many normal activities like tying shoes, putting on clothing and getting in and out of a car. The results from Gitto Advanced Chiropractic were phenomenal."

- David D., Casino Worker

"The soreness and pain that I was experiencing daily would wear me out and cause me to have to lay down mid-day to get any relief. Too frequently I found myself resorting to Tylenol and many other forms for relief. After starting with Gitto Advanced Chiropractic, I was amazed at the increase in energy, the improvements in sleep, digestion, urination and menstrual cramps. After only 4-5 visits, I was experiencing complete relief from my many symptoms. Overall, I can say that I feel terrific and I am really happy to share my good news with others. The care and interest in my health from the staff and Dr. Gitto has been fantastic!"

- Carol H., Mother

"For as long as I can remember (almost 30 years+), I was experiencing low back pain, numbness in hands and poor circulation. My body always felt compressed and stretching and medication was not giving any relief. I sought out Gitto Advanced Chiropractic for some relief and I am glad that I did. After only a short time, I had noticed significant decrease in back pain, numbness had virtually disappeared and my circulation improved. I also have noticed a great increase in my energy levels."

- Diane C., Municipal Worker

"My need for chiropractic attention began at the age of 19. Employed as a laborer for a small construction firm one of our tasks was to throw brick onto the back of a truck. On one particular day I felt a small tear occurring my upper back at the closest juncture of the scapula and spine. Being young at the time I didn’t think much of it. However, it wasn’t too many months afterwards when I would wake up in the middle of the night looking for the sharpest corner I could find to relieve the extreme tightness that would occur at the point of my tear. I would lean into the corner of a desk with all I had in order to loosen the cramped muscles. It became so bad that I eventually sought out a chiropractor, something I had never done before, yet by this time my discomfort was so great I was willing to try anything. The man who I sought out was amazing. Before I even opened my mouth he told me what I was experiencing by just looking at me and the truth of the matter was he was 100% right. This began my journey for chiropractic care.

To be honest, I didn’t keep up with my chiropractic care on a continuous basis during my 20’s and 30’s. As long as I engaged in this care my pain was relieved that the status of my back improved. As I aged the discomfort became worse to the point that my wife had to spend as much as 30 minutes (or more) nightly to loosen my back muscles just so that I could go to sleep. She would have to put her elbow in the spasms and lean in with all her weight just to bring relief and a relaxation to my muscles.

It wasn’t until the summer of ’99 when my wife heard of Dr. Joe from friends of ours and CLC Ministry in Northfield. By the time I came to see him I was in the worse shape I had ever been. At age 42 I was paying the price for my personal lack of seeking and maintaining chiropractic car. Dr. Joe spent all the time I needed to explain to me what was taking place with me physically as a result of spinal misalignment. Not only were there problems with my upper back, but also after years of wear and tear my entire spinal column was in need of serious long-term therapeutic care from the neck all that way to the hips. So we started with adjustments 3 times a week for three months, then eventually to 2 times a week, and now we are to once a week. I cannot stress enough that the pain has bee relieved from my body! My range of motion is the greatest is has been in years. I feel, much, much better. I truly believe that Dr. Joe cares that we get better and I am so thankful for that. I am a walking testimony of what steady chiropractic therapy can do for you. I am a firm believer in it and no one can sway me to think otherwise."

- Jim S., Pastor

"The headaches, back and shoulder pain and chronic stiffness in upper and lower spine were just a few reasons why I was interested in starting Chiropractic care with Dr. Gitto. I was using many different methods for relief but found hardly any relief. Shortly after starting with Chiropractic, I realized that I should have started years ago. I was able to reduce my blood pressure medicine to once a day with regular adjustments. I recommend Dr. Gitto to my friends and family all the time."

- Ursala B., Housewife

"I could no longer take living with constant pain in lower back and shooting pains down my leg. The sciatica, low back pain, menstrual pain and sinus problems were some of the problems I choose to seek Dr Gitto for help. Afteronly around 6-9 visits, I saw many improvements. The sciatic pain was greatly reduced, less sinus pain and symptoms and I was experiencing regular menstrual cycles without cramping. Thank you so much Dr Gitto! I felt overall much healthier and am grateful for all of the improvements in symptoms. I believe in Chiropractic care and keeping the spine free from subluxations to keep the body working properly!"

- MaryBeth A., Office Worker

"Every time I would use my back during dancing, doing any specific movement I would instantly get a migraine headache. I was experiencing them chronically and frequently and I really needed relief. Since first coming into Dr. Gitto’s office I don’t get really bad migraines at all and my back doesn’t cause me pain anymore either.

Anytime I ever had a migraine, I would come into see Dr Gitto and feel instant relief."

- A.G, Teacher

"For over 13 years, I was experiencing severe pain due to Scoliosis, Sciatica and 3 bulging discs. It was affecting my ability to play with my children and I could barely go one day without terrible pain. After starting chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Gitto, I am able to sit for longer periods of time and able to play with my kids! I know feel better in general, the pain has lessened, less headaches, improved posture and improved bowel function.

These improvements are all thanks to Dr. Gitto."

- Lauren L., Office Worker

"The migraines and low back pain I was experiencing had caused me to have to sit in a dark room for hours to find any relief. I had been experiencing this pain for many years prior to seeking out Chiropractic care with Dr. Gitto. The results of my chiropractic adjustments were less frequent migraines and headaches and a definite improvement in my low back pain. I also began noticing an overall improved feeling of well-being and chiropractic influenced me to eat a healthier diet and exercise regularly. I would gladly recommend Gitto Advanced Chiropractic to my friends and family."

- P.C, Police Officer

"I used to get migraine headaches about everyday. Since visiting Dr. Gitto I rarely get ANY headache. I have more energy, sleep better, am more flexible, and have less stress/tension."

- Chris M., Church Secretary

"Through the recommendation of a friend, I was introduced to Gitto Advanced Chiropractic. After experiencing low back pain for around 5 years, I thought it was time to seek out a Chiropractor. I had many different medical procedures done with hardly any relief from the actual pain. After receiving corrective care adjustments with Dr. Gitto, I am able to do many more activities without pain. I am also to enjoy golfing, biking, and working out with greatly reduced pain. Overall, I am feeling much better with improved sleep patterns, improved posture, more energy, less low back pain and more flexibility."

- Samuel W., Accountant

"After seeking out many different methods of relief such as epidurals, narcotics and steroids, rubs and gels with no relief for over 6 years, I sought out Dr. Gitto. The severe low back pain and stiffness with frequent stabbing back pain for no apparent reason was the reason I came into Gitto Advanced Chiropractic. I was having difficulties teaching my Karate classes, construction labor, lifting, bending and even walking. After receiving consistent chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Gitto, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I had an all-around better feeling of health, energy, range of motion and better flexibility. I was experiencing longer periods of having much less pain."

- Tony R., Mail Carrier

"Everyday simple activities and my overall concentration and well-being were being negatively affected by my severe headaches, sinus pressure and upper back pain. I had been experiencing these symptoms for a little over a month and I am glad that I found Dr. Gitto for relief. There was great improvement over just a few visits with relief of the headache pain and sinus pressure. I also noticed less low back pain and more movement and flexibility in my neck. I would gladly recommend Dr. Gitto’s services to my friends, family and co-workers."

- Cyndi B., Massage Therapist

"I no longer wanted to resort to pain killers to relieve my many symptoms and pains. I was experiencing neck and shoulder pain and stiffness, headaches and low back pain and stiffness for around 10 years. I am grateful to Gitto Advanced Chiropractic and Dr. Gitto for the reduction in pain in my neck, shoulders and low back. I also have been experiencing less headaches and I am able to be more active. My family has had great results from Chiropractic care here at Gitto Advanced Chiropractic also!"

- Hannah S., Mail Carrier

"Since starting chiropractic care, I have noticed a significant increase in energy. Basically, I feel more rested due to the disappearance of discomfort in my intestinal tract. I do feel more confident about my total well-being."

- Rich D., Counselor

"Since starting Chiropractic Care, I feel calmer and less stressed. I’m more flexible and I have improved athletic performance."

- Mark D., Surfer

"Since I have been seeing the chiropractor my digestive system has improved greatly, also the problem of eczema on my hands has seemed to have completely healed!"

- Michael K., Office Admin

"When I first came to see Dr. Gitto I had lots of problems. Now I sleep better, my posture has improved, also I have improved concentration, and less stress.

Thanks Dr. Gitto!"

- H. Herbert

“Disabled Vietnam Vet Helped With War Injuries”

"During one of my tours I was injured by mortar fire, which left me with a severe limp, back and neck pain, and shrapnel throughout my body. It was difficult for me to any physical activities and hard for me to sleep at night. The VA doctor said that I would have to live with this the rest of my life. Since beginning care with Dr. Gitto, I am able to walk much straighter, have less limp, virtually no back or neck pain and my quality of life has drastically changed.

Thanks Dr. Gitto for putting my life back together."

- Joe S., Psychologist for Disabled Vets

"Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Gitto, I can sleep more soundly and my allergies have drastically improved."

- D.D. Ventnor

"For the past 17 years I’ve had constipation and irregular bowel movements which would give me pain and cramping in my stomach. I had two surgeries and nothing seemed to work. I can’t tell how many times a year I had to go to the hospital for special procedures to get rid of the constipation and relief from the pain and cramping. I went to Dr. Gitto for neck and low back pain and to my surprise since starting with Dr. Gitto not only has my neck and back pain improved but now I have regular bowel movements and no more cramping or pain.

Thanks for making my life better."

- G.M., Mortage Broker

"I highly recommend Dr. Gitto as a chiropractor. I have been going to him for about 15 years. I used to get really bad headaches from my neck before going to him but have them under control ever since I've been getting adjusted by him. I go every two weeks and that is the perfect maintenance plan for me. He knows exactly what is affecting me each week without me even telling him, just by his assessment of my back and neck. I got adjusted during my pregnancy and I think it definitely helped me. I have been taking my three kids since they were infants and he is very gentle and patient with kids. His office is set up perfectly for kids so mom or dad can get adjusted while kids play in the play area. Great chiropractor whether you have back and neck problems or whether you just want to maintain a healthy spine and a healthy lifestyle."

- Blake

"Look at all these diplomas! Dr. Gitto's knowledges and skills have helped by disc bulges very much. As a church intern, I came to Northfield by flying in from Philadephia, which provoked my symptoms and made my life quite painful for a week, and I couldn't sleep for more than 4-5 hours at a time without pain that woke me up. I almost bought a plane ticket to fly back home one day after I arrived in NJ, because I was in such pain, but Dr. Gitto helped convince me to stay and get chiropractic treatments instead. He used the activator method for my discs, legs, hips, and neck, all very effective. I know the two bulging discs in my lower spine have come off my nerve decently because I can sleep without a struggle and I can walk without having to lay down every 3 hours. He has bulging discs, and although he doesn't feel pain from them because of chiropractic care, he understands perfectly what you are experiencing since he had a painful bulging disc when he was 19. Soak up every bit of information that he gives and your spine or neck or hips will feel better. He's an honest Christian, he's very quick with his adjustments, and many times I can walk in with one person in front of me and I will be finished in less than 10 minutes, and he works with any payment plan that you can afford."

- Hunter S.

"If you are looking for a wise, knowledgeable, and caring chiropractor then Dr. Gitto is your guy. He spends the time to really get to know your problem areas and your history. With me it was lower back pain and stiffness along with aching legs and feet. Within my first visit I already experienced relief and am feeling better and better every week. Also, as an added bonus, my energy level has gone up!
Not only is Doctor Gitto knowledgeable, but he is also caring. He takes a genuine interest in me as a patient and I always leave feeling I'm in good hands.

Thank you Doctor Joe!"

- Linam924

"If you are local to the area and are looking for chiropractic services or a nutritionist, I highly recommend Dr. Joe. Dr. Joe takes the time to not only learn about each individual patients needs, but he also takes the time to educate each patient as well. One of the things that keeps me coming back to Dr. Joe is the way he cares about each patient and how detailed he is in coming to a personalized solution. My wife and I both see him for regularly scheduled appointments and we never have a similar visit He constantly tailors each visit to our individual needs. He has done so much to increase the mobility in my neck and shoulder and has relieved me of nagging headaches. After Dr. Joe's education and my own experiences with my visits, I am a firm believer in the need for chiropractic care to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

- Luke R.

"Before Dr. Joe, I was suffering from back and neck pain. Some days I would wake up so stiff and in so much pain that I couldn't go to work or do anything. I went to several doctors and still couldn't find relief. Then I found Dr. Joe and immediately felt better. Within no time my back spasms were at a minimum, and now after a few years of his chiropractic care, I rarely struggle with spasms at all.

One of the things that truly sets Dr. Joe apart from most doctors is how much he cares. He has a passion for helping people. He spends time educating his patients to make sure they understand how the body functions, so the healing process can begin.

As a nutritionist, he has also helped me immensely with my stomach problems and adrenal issues. I'm so extremely thankful that I found him. Step by step, he is helping to make my quality of life better for the present AND the future.

Last but not least, he is a really kind, wise, and friendly person. It is always a pleasant experience to get adjusted and I always feel better after leaving. Thanks Dr. Joe!!!"

- Nicole M.

Wonderful chiropractor who cares about you not only as a patient but also as a person. Is capable of healing you both physically and mentally. I would highly recommend Dr. Gitto to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

- John C.

The chiropractic care you receive here is wonderful. I had many health issues that are under control now thanks to Dr. Gitto. I highly recommend him and this office.

- Diane E.

Dr. Gitto is the miracle man. He diagnosed and treated my chiropractic problems aggressively. Best of all, he knew when to send me for an MRI and when I should see a surgeon. He is to be respected, trusted and admired. 

- Jo Ann K.

Dr Gitto is awesome! Been going there a few years now and he’s helped my overall health in so many ways!!! Highly recommend him 🙌

- Dana S.

Great experience. Holistic and progressive method to health. Give it a try! You'll be glad you did.

- Greg L.

Dr. Gitto has helped my husband and I stay fit, energetic and flexible as we age gracefully. I trust him implicitly and recommend him highly.

- Jeri S.

Great chiropractor who helped me with my back pain and my shoulder pain. I had to sleep on a recliner for months due to my left shoulder pain after I broke my shoulder bones. Dr Gitto helped me to sleep in bed again.

- Rita R.

Dr. Gitto was the only chiropractor that helped with sciatica. Years of suffering was helped and has not come back due to regular care. Caring office staff and great care.

- Diana A.

Helped me tremendously with back and neck pain. Highly recommend this practice. Friendly and helpful.

- Joe T.

Dr. Gitto is.thorough and thoughtful, seeking the underlying issues of the symptoms and not over charging. He is up to date on the current research using the best techniques to treat my issues: stiff neck, knee pain, hip pain, etc. I recommended Dr. Gitto to my family & friends!!

- Jodie M.

Great Chiropractor...Great Person. He can help you find relief!

- Jennifer and John F.

Help restore my hip and knee function back to normal after several injuries. Very thorough and individualized treatment plan!

- Katie Johnson

Dr. Gitto has helped me in so many ways! He’s the best!

- Melissa M.

Gitto Chiropractic is an excellent place to receive top notch Chiropractic Care!

- Bill J.

Before going to Dr.Gitto, I had injured my lower back and had a hard time doing everyday activities. I could not walk, bend down, or even sleep without pain. After seeing Dr.Gitto, my lower back pain has gone away and I'm able to return to my activities. He has helped me tremendously and would recommend to everyone.

- Kevin H.

I am taking this opportunity to acknowledge my great fortune of having the blessing of Dr.Gitto caring for me as my primary healthcare provider. I unfortunately,have multiple disc herniations complicated by post surgical dysfunctions of my upper and lower extremities with associated neurological pathologies.I have the advantage of receiving care from the best and brightest physicians available being a provider myself. No physician ,to date ,has provided more consistent,pre and post surgical specialized care thus allowing me drug free spinal restoration. No more narcotics,Chiropractic works! Thank you, Dr. Gitto

- Dr. Robert R.

I've been seeing Dr. Gitto on and off for the past 18 years. He was my chiropractor in high school and I stop in to see him every time I am in the area. My parents still get regular adjustments and he's helped us all with functional nutrition as well. I recently worked with him remotely from across the country to do a full functional nutrition assessment in order to address some underlying digestive and hormonal issues. He spent hours on the phone with me reviewing my full medical history as well as the results of each of my lab tests, building a plan that worked for me. I can't credit him enough with helping me to get healthy. The time and money spent on working with Joe has been worth it, I'd do it all over again (and probably will in another year or so)!

- Kelly E.

Dr. Gitto helped me a lot with chronic migraines.

- Iulia A.

It's been over 10 years ago when I was having severe pain in my back. The pain radiated down my arm. I went to an orthopedic Surgeon and I was told that I would need neck surgery. I decided to try Chiropractic treatment and went to Dr. Gitto. To this day, I have not been in that kind of pain and have not had surgery! Thank you Dr. Gitto!!

- April C.

I am 14 years old and I am a dancer. I sometimes have pain in my knees when I dance. Dr. Gitto has helped me with the pain in my knees so that they don't hurt when I dance. Thank you Dr. Gitto.

- Jewel C.

I am 11 years old and I sometimes get headaches. After Dr.Gitto would adjust me, my headaches would go away without any medicine.

- Janae C.

Dr. Gitto treats the whole person seeking the root cause instead of just treating the symptom. He has character, integrity and extreme knowledge in both chiropractic and nutrition. You will be energized and have a greater sense of well being. Treatment has been a life changing experience. I would highly recommend him.

- Diana R.

Me, my wife and our three children have used Dr. Gitto's help for a couple of years already.
Last week I returned to his office , because of lower back pain. Doctor did his adjustment and I immediately felt better. Two days later I went back to the office and after the second adjustment I feel like a "brand new person". I do not know how he does it , but it works!
God be with you Doctor!

- Martin P.

I never realized how important chiropractic Care could be and how much of an influence it has on your life until being seen by Dr. Gitto. Very thorough, very informative, and just overall fantastic.

- Michelle F.

Don't know what I would do without my visits to Dr.Joe! Initially went to correct a neck issue stemming from a car accident ,which was a blessing in disguise! Little did I know that for many years to come,long after the problem was corrected ,I would still be visiting Dr. Gitto and his wonderful staff!Take the time to go! You will sleep better and have a great feeling of well being!

- Joan S.

Dr. Gitto is a true professional and an excellent chiropractor. He does an excellent job of breaking down what chiropractic care is and explains what he is doing. Dr. Gitto is an expert in the most up to date exercises, stretches, therapies, and nutrition to help solve for any issue that his clients may have. In my line of work I sit at a desk for 7 hours a day and was having severe problems with my lower back and hips, and after a few visits and being set up with a personalized list of exercises and stretches that I can do on my own time, in my house with no equipment, my back pain has decreased. Highly recommend!

- Steve E.

I've been coming to Dr. Gitto for 20 years. He cured my sciatica. No other doctors could help me. He keeps my spine aligned and in good health. I've been coming to him ever since.

- Maryann C.

I’ve been going to see Dr. Gitto ever since I was very young. He has helped me and my family whenever we we had pain or if he found something that needed to be adjusted. I remember when I was younger that I got very bad pain in my neck a few times, and he would reduce the pain by adjusting me and giving me tips on how to loosen up my neck muscles. He helps keep me pain free, and I’m sure that I would not be as healthy as I am if I didn’t go to him to get checkups. Because of his care for me and my family, I would definitely recommend him to others. Thank you Dr. Gitto!

- Justin T.

I first came to Dr. Gitto because I was experiencing unusual fatigue and an inability to sleep normally. After working with him for a few months I was feeling a lot better, I had more energy and was sleeping normally again. I also got into a pretty serious car accident and had very bad whip lash. Dr. Gitto has me feeling back to normal in only a few weeks. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Joe S.

I highly recommend Dr. Gitto as a chiropractor. I have been going to him for about 15 years. I used to get really bad headaches from my neck before going to him but have them under control ever since I've been getting adjusted by him. I go every two weeks and that is the perfect maintenance plan for me. He knows exactly what is affecting me each week without me even telling him, just by his assessment of my back and neck. I got adjusted during my pregnancy and I think it definitely helped me. I have been taking my three kids since they were infants and he is very gentle and patient with kids. His office is set up perfectly for kids so mom or dad can get adjusted while kids play in the play area. Great chiropractor whether you have back and neck problems or whether you just want to maintain a healthy spine and a healthy lifestyle.

- Rise dylman1221

A patient of dr. Gitto for over 12 years. Helped me to get rid of horrible headaches.
A doctor who's looking for the root cause of each problem.
And what's really important for all the New Age ailments.. dr. Gitto is not only a chiropractor but also a FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE doctor which takes into a consideration the whole body as a system of different functions that have to work together properly in order for the person to feel best.
Helps to diagnose and treat IBS, hormonal disbalance, food sensitivities ..

- Agne R.

I have been treating with Dr. Gitto for 5 months. My low back pain and leg pain has resolved . Dr. Gitto listens patiently to concerns and never appears rushed. His treatment focuses on the "whole person" and he is very current and knowledgeable regarding nutrition. Dr. Gitto's treatment has had a very positive impact on my overall health and I recommend him highly.

- Joanne G.

For years I have suffered from back and neck pain. It wasn’t until a coworker recommended Dr. Gitto that I finally decided to see a chiropractor . This was the best decision of my life . Since I have been under Dr. Gitto’s care, I have noticed numerous improvements in my overall health and a major reduction in the discomfort I used to experience on a daily basis . He not only provides chiropractic care; he also makes sure to educate his patients on how their spinal conditions affect all facets of their health and ways in which to improve their overall well-being. I would highly recommend Gitto Advanced Chiropractic and Nutrition to anyone interested in achieving optimal health and wellness.

- Dina F.

My experience taught me chiropractic care is as important as getting your teeth cleaned or probably even more important. Take care of your body, its the only one you'll ever have, and let Dr. Gitto who is well educated well trained and truly cares for his patients help you. I believe his passion is to make sure your body can be as healthy as it can be to heal to mend or certainly to feel better. I've recommend him to many people and will continue to do so.

- Lou E.

Before coming to Dr Gitto I suffered from lower back pain. Dr Gitto has educated me on the body and given me exercises to strengthen my back. I was taking ibuprofen everyday, now I don't take anything for pain because its minimal at most. I would definitely recommend Dr Gitto because he treats the whole person not just your back.

- Valinda N.

Dr Gitto helped me tremendously with my neck and back issues! Due to the nature of my work I sit a lot while working with the paperwork, which means constantly looking down. As Dr Gitto explained, such position of my head causes the deformation of the curvature of the neck. That, in turn, can cause permanent damage to the cervical spine and could lead to a lifelong neck pain if not addressed timely. I noticed the improvement right after the first visit! And have been going to Dr Gitto ever since for over 5 years now. Chiropractic care, similar to physical exercises or diet, has to be a part of a regular routine to see and feel the results. It's a deliberate choice of a healthy lifestyle. Dr Gitto does not only make chiropractic adjustments, but also recommends different exercises and ways of self-help. Thank you, Dr Gitto! So glad I found you!

- Viktoryia O.

I have a hard job that causing me a lot of pain at times . I started going to Dr. Gitto's office and getting adjustments and it really has helped .

- James M.

Dr GITTO has helped not only get me out of pain but I have so much more mobility, I can now lay on my back without pain and more energy. I use to be so fatigued.
He has helped me increase my knowledge of how to live a more active healthy lifestyle.

- Rochelle N.

Dr Gitto is a wonderful caring dr . He goes out of his way to help you . I had two bad falls and without his help I could of never healed or got through the pain .

- Kathleen M.

Dr. Gitto has literally helped me from head to toe. His amazing chiropractic care and encouragement has been a game changer for me and my family. Keep it up Doc!

- Thomas W.

Dr. Gitto takes good care of me. By having regular adjustments, I stay stronger as I get older than if I didn't have adjustments. Good to have a doctor and ground who really cares!

- Sharon W.

I love coming to Dr. Joe! He makes my back feel so much better and helps me play field hockey to the highest potential!

- Julia D.

Great service, good atmosphere, and he is very knowledgeable and experienced in Chiropractic care. Highly recommended!

- Peter E.

Dr. Gitto has hands of gold. I went to him with low back pain and spasm from a disc which had herniated years before. Standard medical treatments did not help at all. I spent days at a time unable to do anything other than lie on the floor. After only a few painless adjustments I was standing tall. Dr. Gitto is especially adept at activator adjustment, again painless and a great relief. Five stars.

- Allen

I have had a very positive experience with Dr. Gitto and his staff through the years. Weekly maintenance has been essential with my particular medical issues involving chronic back, neck and knee pain. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Gitto instructs in the care and maintenance of a healthy body in addition to the adjustment.

- Ellen W.

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