Core 4 To Wellness Lifestyle: Optimal Nerve Supply

Optimal Nerve Supply

The nervous system is the foundation of life, and controls all health and healing. The nervous system is a critical link that links the brain to every body system; cardiovascular, detoxification, respiratory, reproduction, and so on. While the body can go days without water, weeks without food, and minutes without oxygen, it cannot last even a minute without nerve supply.

Any interference to the nervous system creates a disruption to the way the body was designed to work, resulting in a state of dysfunction. A body in a state of dysfunction is in disorder, and will fail to adapt to its stressful environment. Research and experience tells us overtime this leads to pain, sickness, and decrease longevity.

To restore that body to a state of normal function requires the interference be identified, through a skilled analysis, followed by the removal of the interference.

Health and Your Spinal Column

The spinal column is made up of 24 movable vertebrae, when functioning the way it was design, it protects the spinal cord and nerves has they communicate the brain’s information to the body’ cells, tissues and organs, which give us life.

The vertebrae within the spinal column move; that’s how we are able to bend, lift, twist and turn. Life stressors; physical, chemical and emotional stress can cause the vertebra to shift and lock on a nerve, thus interfering with the vital messages transmitted through the nerve. When the vertebrae interferes with the brain’s ability to properly communicate to a particular body part, that cell, tissue or organ will begin to malfunction, resulting in an organic state of disorder. The term used to describe this interference caused by a bone interfering with the transmission of nerve flow and causing bodily malfunction is termed , “ Vertebral Subluxation”.

Vertebral Subluxations can cause immediate pain and symptoms or lie dormant and silent for years, without noticeable pain or symptoms. Like cancer and heart disease, over time accumulated cell damage caused by nerve interference can eventually result in pain, sickness and disease. Pain and disease are not the initial cause, but are actually key indicators of long standing nerve interference.

Secondly, when subluxation occurs, science tells us that a spinal column that becomes dysfunctional will cause a breakdown of the disc, joints and supporting tissues. This dysfunction or vertebral subluxation has shown to cause spinal degeneration or what is commonly known as “Osteoarthritis” of the spine. Conditions like these can inhibit an active healthy lifestyle and produce unrelenting pain and suffering.

We at Gitto Advanced Chiropractic and Functional Nutrition use a multi-system approach to identify interference to the nervous system.

Our gentle and effective techniques are clinically proven to restore optimal health and have helped thousands of people regain their health, naturally.

As part of the Core 4, Optimal Nerve Supply is a integral part of any wellness program.

We are here to help you maximize an Active – Healthy Lifestyle Through Every Season of Life

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