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Core 4 To Wellness Lifestyle: Functional Fitness

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It doesn’t matter your age, health or physical condition, we can all elevate our fitness level. Maintaining endurance, strength and movement, is imperative for health and vitality during every season of life.

Everyone knows they need to eat well, exercise and live a wellness lifestyle. Are you living out what you know? No one wants to get to the second or third quarter of life only to find their past inactive lifestyle, poor eating and fitness habits has finally restricted them to a walker, wheel chair or illnesses that limit them from the very things they want to do.

Those, who have made it a point to make fitness a part of their life early on, have a greater chance of continuing a healthy, active lifestyle, way into their senior years. Our bodies are meant to move and perform so we can carry out our everyday activities with ease. The more you can move, the better your quality-of-life. Just look at the many seniors who have instituted an active- healthy lifestyle early on. Most can demonstrate the payoff by what they can accomplish day in and day out. It’s sad to see, people needing an experience like a heart attack or some other serious health condition for motivation to begin a long needed exercise program.

Regardless of your age, your current health status, you can begin to improve your health, energy and life by engaging in the Core To 4 Wellness Lifestyle Fitness Program. Workouts are geared for every level of fitness, from beginners, to the advanced workout advocate.

How We Derive Core To 4 Wellness Lifestyle Fitness Program For You

The Core 4 to Wellness Fitness Program is an individualized program that derives its exercise and routines from a Functional Fitness Evaluation. From this Functional Fitness Evaluation; we can pinpoint exactly what your body needs to bring your strength, endurance and movement to its optimal levels.

Follow-up evaluations monitor your progress; can establish future goals and the next program level.

No matter where you may be in the spectrum of life, the Core 4 To Wellness Fitness Program can help you reach your goals, optimal fitness levels and support you along the way to a more healthy active lifestyle.

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