Superman Had Amazing Powers…And So Do We!

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Superman Had Amazing Powers…And So Do We!

The ability to heal is an amazing power, but where does it come from and how does it work?

 The brain and nervous system control and coordinate all function of the body and are totally encased in bone. The brain is like an "Electric Power Plant." It generates electricity that literally powers the body and keeps you alive. If you remove the brain, what happens to the rest of the body? That’s right…  sudden and sure death!

The spinal cord is like “Electric Power Line”. This line carries crucial messages to the nerves of your body. If you cut the nerve to any part of the body, what will happen to that part?… That’s right… the sudden and sure death of that part of your body!

Your spine is like a series of “Circuit Breakers”. That’s why you’ve heard “The Power is in the Panel”. As long as these are on, the power (electricity) can get to every part of your body.

A major interference to a long and healthy life can be identified in the spine. Most people know this condition is called Subluxation.” This occurs when spinal bones misalign and cause nerve pressure.

Subluxations cause the circuit from the brain to the body to be broken. The result…The vital life giving power of the brain is reduced to a trickle. Like a light bulb dimming, body parts malfunction and optimal health is lost!

Chiropractors adjust your spine and your body turns your  “Power On”.

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